Aerobatic champion and airshow pilot, Dave Scott, has dedicated his entire life to innovative aviation pursuits and to making Scott Airshows one of North America’s premier airshow acts...  

History & Mission

Dave Scott grew up in Oshkosh, WI, home of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and the world’s largest sport aviation convention and airshow.  His father took him to his first EAA airshow when he was 1 year old.  By the age of 10 he was riding his bike to the airport twice a day. As a teenager he volunteered during EAA to earn access to a front row seat to watch the airshow.  It was throughout this period that Dave vowed to one day become an elite aerobatic pilot.

At the age of 9 Dave began actively flying radio control models with his father at the local R/C flying club.  Ever mindful of one day flying full-scale aerobatics, he always tried to fly his models in a manner that mirrored his favorite full-scale performers.  It didn’t take long before his determination and attention to detail also made him a highly sought after flight instructor in his club.  As his skills and reputation grew as a model flyer and instructor, people began offering to pay him to instruct on a scheduled basis, thus motivating him to keep improving his instruction techniques. 

First-of-its-kind Flight School

Encouraged by the increasing effectiveness of his teaching methods and the growing demand for structured training, Dave was convinced by his father and others to provide professional R/C flight training on a full-time basis and opened 1st U.S. R/C Flight School

Over the next two decades, Dave consolidated his system of accelerated flight training and expanded the business to cover all model airplane and helicopter skill levels.  Along the way the school produced several national aerobatic champions and earned a reputation for unparalleled efficiency achieved through superior planning and tailoring the training to the individual needs of its students.  Consequently, 1st U.S. R/C Flight School draws pilots from all over North America and classes are typically booked a year in advance. 

In addition to training over 2000 R/C pilots, Dave has written numerous flight training manuals and regularly writes training articles for R/C airplane and helicopter magazines.  Altogether, he’s set the standard for professional R/C flight training and is acknowledged as the world leader in his field.  As a result, 30+ companies have recognized the value of having their products associated with the school’s unprecedented achievements and currently sponsor Dave’s school.


Full-scale Competition

Dave’s career success made it possible for him to start pursuing his full-scale goals in 2004.  The day after earning his pilot’s license, he rented a full-scale aerobatic aircraft and began practicing using the techniques he developed training competition R/C pilots. 

The combination of already knowing how to fly the maneuvers with models and understanding the value of planning to increase practice effectiveness gave him a distinct advantage.  Hence, one month after getting his pilot’s license, Dave entered his first aerobatic contest and won his category by an unprecedented margin over 20 other far more experienced pilots.  He also won the prestigious Highest Points Percentage trophy awarded to the pilot who comes closest to achieving perfection at the contest.

Dave has since gone on to win the majority of contests he’s entered, including the Mid America Championship and gold and silver medals at the US Nationals.  He currently flies a high performance biplane that he custom built to compete at the Advanced level and fly airshows. 

Airshow Flying

Building on all his years watching the world’s best airshow pilots perform at Oshkosh, Dave developed an airshow routine unlike any other featuring a blend of continuous action, crisp precision and constant variety aimed at keeping spectators riveted on the performance.  The mix of challenging maneuvers flown with rhythmic precision even inspired fellow pilots to coin the phrase “rhythmically crisp” to describe his distinctive flying style.

However, the most engaging aspect of Dave’s performance is the accompanying feel-good story about the kid who grew up in Oshkosh watching the best airshow pilots in the world who dreamed of one day following in their footsteps.  How he then created 1st U.S. R/C Flight School and later used the innovative techniques he developed teaching R/C pilots to become a champion full-scale aerobatic pilot; and ultimately how the airshow routine they are watching is living proof that through focus and determination dreams can come true!


Moving Forward

Scott Airshows strives to provide venues and their audiences a distinct airshow performance with the utmost level of safety, artistry, and professionalism.  Featuring non-stop action, constant variety and a riveting narrative, Scott Airshows is a proven crowd and media favorite show after show.

Dave’s track-record of professionalism and innovative accomplishments is proof that his airshow career moving forward will continue to be distinctive and thereby draw unique attention to his performances, the venues he performs at and sponsors.